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I apologize profusely for my absence, both to you, faithful and possibly imaginary readers, and to myself, since really you are always the one who loses when you don’t meet your own goals. In my defense, it has been an absence full of classics, hard work, and even some sleep, so it’s not like I wasn’t accomplishing anything. However, the same forces that have kept me from blogging have also kept me from knitting as much as I would like.

I have finally managed to finish up my Opus Spicatum, though I have not as yet managed to take any very good pictures of it.  Here is a photograph that I took before I left for spring break; notice the poor lighting and odd angle from which it was taken.

Opus Spicatum, photographed quickly and at an odd angle.

As of yet, I have not managed to take it outside to take better photos (of it, or my new haircut. I have quite short hair now!) It was a lovely little project and I would highly recommend the pattern; it’s well written, easy to follow, and generally quite simple. It isn’t a particularly slouchy beret- this is good for me, because I’m actually really not a fan of slouchy hats in particular, but if you are you might want to take this into account when you are knitting it and use a slightly larger needle size for the body.

Since the end of that project, I have had several other projects going. The first was a Selbu Modern that I made for my friend Claire over break- this was also a fun knit, but since I didn’t take my camera on break with me I have no pictures of it and so cannot show you the finished results. Claire assures me that pictures are on the way. The second project has been a massive scrap blanket.


A closeup of the blanket- it is going to require some serious blocking.

I have taken all of my wool or wool blend worsted scraps, placed them in a box, and started knitting squares. The squares are all roughly six by six inches, and I intend to keep knitting until I have run out of scraps, or possibly patience, whichever one comes first.

And that is all for now!


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