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Color Correcting

Much seed stitchIf I thought that my stars were turning out too skewed towards pink/purple/blue… well, two of the projects on my needles are going to add some greens into the mix.

The first is my Margit in the Wind hat, which is proceeding… very slowly. That is what happens when you are working on size 0 needles, I suppose – I’m almost to the place where I fold over the brim. The second is my Sunwalker shawl, which is certainly moving along (except that it is going to use over 1000 yards of fingering weight yard, so moving along is really a relative concept).

So textureIt starts out with a lengthy section of seed stitch, which isn’t fast going but is giving the shawl a beautiful texture. I’m using Knit Picks Palette for this one as well, in the colorway Rainforest Heather. It’s a dark green with heathered spots of teal and red, which is much more beautiful than that description makes it sound. I like the use of a heathered yarn in a situation like this – it lends visual interest, but doesn’t take away from the design elements of the piece. I purchased it during a Knitpicks sale a couple years ago, intending it for a sweater, but I’m happy with this use.

I’m really excited about this one! I love the combination of seed stitch texture and lace, and for my wardrobe the dark green color will be very versatile. Like many office dwellers, I work in a building which is approximately as warm as Siberia in January, so a nice wool garment is always appreciated.

This is my second project by Melanie Berg this year, and I’m starting to think that it will not be my last. (The first project, a Drachenfels shawl, was finished just before I started back up with blogging again. I’m including a picture here for illustration and because I love it). Rustic chair bonusI have the yarn for an Ashburn  (Purl Soho Linen Quill in Turmeric and Salt + Pepper, plus an unknown third yarn in natural white/cream – I’ll be swatching to see which one works best out of my stash) and during the yarn crawl  that I’m going on with my mother I’m going to keep my eye out for yarn for a Rikochan or Solaris. Her patterns are well edited, fun to knit, and so far have turned out really, really well. Consider me a fan.

I find this shape of shawl (asymmetrical triangle/boomerang) to be very wearable – they stay on well for me and look more modern to my eyes than traditional center increase shawls.


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A difference between how I knit now and how I knit in grad school is that I have become much more of a product knitter instead of a process knitter.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still highly unlikely to knit something if I don’t think that I will enjoy doing it. But at this point in my life, I really am knitting for the finished product. Which means that I want measurable progress on my WIPs and I start to get frustrated when I go a while without it.

This is probably why it is a really bad plan for me to have three projects going at once, one of which is at work (with maybe half an hour a day to work on it, not a whole lot gets done), one of which is on size 0 needles, and one of which uses nearly a sweater-worth of fingering yarn (and starts out with a veritable ocean of seed stitch).soooooooo tiny

I only have one photo for this post, which shows the tiny amount of progress I have made on a new project. Pattern is Margit in the Wind, knit on size 0 needles with Knitpicks Palette yarn. I saw the pattern and knew immediately that I wanted to knit it, in nearly the same colors shown in the example photo (the blue and green variation, though the pink one is nice too). The color in the photo is Lichen, but I will also be using Shoal, Opal Heather, and Sea Grass. I started this particular project because my other two main WIPs, the beige and stripey shawl of this post and a different shawl which I will write about soon, are getting too big to haul around and I want to be able to take things to knitting group with me. I think it is going to be a great spring and fall hat, in contrast to some of my heavier hats that I wear in the winter, though with the lined brim and double stranded body it might actually end up quite warm.

When I finish a project – mostly likely the seed stitch shawl I am working on at home – I might drop down to two WIPs. It would be nice to see measurable progress on each.


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